While alcohol is allowed on the bus, the following rules do apply:

  1. We are unable to supply any alcohol along with your rental. This includes pre-stocking the bus with alcohol you provide. Any alcohol must be brought on by you or your group.
  2. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol on the bus, as long as you observe the following:
    1. Everyone on the bus must be 21 or older if any alcohol is present. It does not matter if they are drinking or not, you cannot have alcohol on the bus with underage passengers. If the driver has reason to believe any of the passengers are underage when alcohol is present, they reserve the right to terminate the rental with no refund and notify the authorities.
    2. There are two items that we ask you not to bring on the bus:
      • Jello shots: Unfortunately these tend to be a bit too messy and usually require excessive cleanup.
      • Kegs: This one is a federal law, you're not allowed to have kegs on transportation vehicles such as buses for safety reasons.
  3. We are not responsible for verifying the ages of your passengers, that is your job. If anyone on the bus is found to be underage you are the one who is liable, so please be responsible and make sure everyone in your group is of drinking age. Being arrested for providing alcohol to minors is a sure way to kill the party mood.

In addition, there are a few things you will want to make note of:

  • Please note that the laws regarding alcohol are slightly different in South Carolina, meaning that you are not allowed to have any open containers on the bus at all. Keep this in mind if you are planning to cross the state line during your rental, and be sure to remove any open containers first.
  • While you are allowed to drink on for-hire vehicles such as party buses, once you step off the bus the laws against drinking in public apply. If you step off the bus with a drink in your hand on public property and a police officer sees you, you will most likely be arrested right there.